2014 / ASH WOOD / METAL /250x310mm

She tells a story describing a different worldview of the East and West.

The vase occupies a pre-eminent position in home culture of both the East and West. Eastern floriculture emphasizes elegance, incorporating a miniature world view among flowers and plants; even dead wood and fractured stones can symbolize a kind of Zen natural world. Western floriculture highlights romance, embracing the thriving and living explosive energy that it entails. Western floriculture further accentuates and reproduces the flirtatious expressions of the outdoors: resembling one corner in a garden, or a sea of daisy flowers at the base of the Alps in the height of summer.

The New Old Vase disassociates itself from traditional flower ware having an inherent volume, leaving only a linear structure that blurs the cultural imagery of traditional vases of the East and West. Positioning a receptacle redesigned to one crafted from wood transforms the cultural imagery of the object: Place the wooden flower ware on top of the linear framework and flowers and plants are free to unfold in the same manner as the outgoing broad-mindedness cultural values of the Western world. Move the wooden flower ware to the bottom of the linear framework and a miniature world is seen, the outer framework reminds one of a 3D coordinate system surrounding the greenery within.